I guess Tumblr was never introduced to my new baby :) she’s a beaut

Drove through Illinois today. So perfect.

having adorable underwear is both the best and worst thing

You say that it’s weird

Having somebody to miss, 

But dear, not for me.

I missed you for years.

I think I’d been missing you

for all of my life.

  • I brought a Calvin & Hobbes book and my mandolin back to school. The quality of life around here is about to improve.

"Okay you’re home. Now you can’t leave again ever."

i reached my destination safely but all is now lost. the puppy was overjoyed to see me and has now snuggled into me and fallen asleep. i will never make it back to school now. goodbye career dreams. goodbye Evansville. goodbye bright future.

Yesterday afternoon I took an epic bike ride. :)

Here’s to the happiest 8 months I can remember. :) 
We went on a date to Denny’s to celebrate. It was fab.

and here are selfies

the jist of the tutorial and actual quality pictures:

  • dark liner in a kind of rounded arch and a wing that follows my eyelid line out off the lid just a little bit
  • light/sparkly color from the top of the lid to the eyebrow
  • darkish color in the crease and over the top of the lid
  • some fun accent color right above the eyeliner (I used a nice green)
  • :)
  • Here’s how I do my eye makeup!
  • I know it’s badbadbad that I pull my eyelid out to do my liner. It’s a bad habit and I’m trying to stop, ok
  • sorry about my post-shower hair
  • lifedeathandeternity I DID THE THING