Aaaand here’s me holding my puppy in a Cardinals jersey.

when ya exercise more and ya clothes get tighter


Last night was absolutely wonderful. :) Bike ride to Mass, then along the riverfront at sunset. 

This was but one beautiful moment of a beautiful evening that capped off an absolutely beautiful weekend. #love #life #bicycling #evansville #riverfront #sunset #perfection

@mraupp123 took this of us yesterday! I like it a bunch. :)

My thoughts on “‘No’ May Not Always Mean ‘No’”

  • I think a lot of this is born out of philosophies like “When she pulls away from you, pull her back and kiss her,” and “When she runs, chase after her and hold her tight” carried to extreme conclusions
  • admittedly, females are very complicated. we give mixed signals. a lot. we’re dumb.
  • but
  • it is always better to err on the side of “not rapey”
  • always
  • !
  • tl;dr let’s just assume that “no” does, in fact, mean “no.” Life will improve for everyone in the long run.

One word for this monkey business: NO. #ugh #cowell #piano #iloathe20thcentury #grrr

Music therapy makes me want to sing and dance and consume celebratory Taco Bell. Practicum, my 30 minutes leading a music therapy session with special needs kids, is the highlight of my week. I get to do this as a career and I’m super kickin’ excited about it.

:) #nofilter #selfieweather

Waiting on my boys became selfie time.

I wish I could stop feeling like crap because my old jeans are tight because I had a growth spurt and have actual curves now