8.63 miles, wanted to see where this road ended / if I could get to Kentucky on this road. The road ended a couple miles past the levee, and I was actually less than 20 meters from the state line. Sigh. Tomorrow…

This is so on point for Mondays, it’s ridiculous

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but fo real look how nice looking we are :) whentheworldcomescrashingup

When you ask the boy’s roommate to take the pictures: the photoset

Also check out this sweet necklace! I’m proud of it.

perfect male specimen whentheworldcomescrashingup

Did a ~*~real~*~ wing today and it looks nice! Yaaaaaay!


#bae, with my boyfriend also

Crappy shots from inside the Cathedral Basilica last Saturday.

Anonymous Asked:
love you bby you're wonderful. keep being strong and fighting the thoughts that seek to drain you

thank you. I will, I promise.