I have never been able to see myself in a wedding dress. I’ve never seen a wedding dress that I thought was something I’d like to wear. I’m 120% positive that shopping for a dress is going to be the biggest stressor and take 500 years and possibly lose me all my friends and my mom will have to be my maid of honor and dang why can’t I just wear a sundress or something

Comida mexicana muy buena. #lights #summernights

So I guess this means you want a rest you frickin derp

I got my hairs cut and it is adorbs and it smells SO GOOOOD

I have an infection in my eye so I look kinda cockeyed right now. #hotpics

I was incredibly pleased to see this pop up when I clicked on the “self harm” tag by accident. Tumblr, you’re doing good things. Good job.

in re: the journal entry video: i’m trying to work out how best to get pictures of all the pages, in such a way that they look uniform (I don’t have a scanner). I’m probably gonna do it outside and borrow my mom’s GorillaPod, and draw a chalk outline on the pavement to make sure it’s all placed right.

BUT this I know: the music is definitely gonna be me covering Pompeii by Bastille. I sing it in 12/4 time which is muy divertido. Me gusta.

so yesterday i just word vomited to my mom about how i keep noticing things about how my medication isn’t working so well but i can’t pick up the phone and call my psych’s office because i’m too anxious

today she called me and said she called them, explained the situation, and they have an opening on thursday and she’ll take me

i started crying because i hadn’t wanted my parents to have to pay for an appointment and she said that they do not see it as money spent for no reason; this is a medical need in their eyes

so basically she did everything that i was afraid to do. she is the best.

Hola, interwebs.

It was a perfect day for this.

Wesley caught this box turtle out of the corner of his eye and it startled him pretty good. I was laughing so hard. The best part, though, was that the whole rest of the hike, whenever he’d catch a rock out of the corner of his eye, he’d jump the other way, afraid it was also a turtle.

"You’re coming, right?!"

i’m in love.

This weekend was glorious. :)