During my latest psychiatrist appointment, my mom was out in the waiting area waiting on me when a lady came in to see one of the other therapists in the office. She had a dog with her. In a baby stroller. Most of the time you can basically trick yourself into believing you’re just at a normal doctor’s office and everything is chill, but occasionally I guess something has to happen to remind you that you’re in a psychiatrist’s office

Today we spent a really long time in Barnes & Noble and ended up with a Wreck This Journal that we started on together and I planned on taking pictures chronicling the adventure (see the first picture - Nick had to rip out a page, and it hurt him a little bit), but it ended with pictures of us being really adorable so of COURSE I’m gonna litter your dash with them >:)))))
~*~dances away~*~

It’s gonna be a good night. #sharknado2 :)

good times last night. :) We miss this boy.

Went for a walk today on this gawguss day with this one. It is so nice to be together again. :)

Somewhere in riverland :)

Cool views of St. Louis from this morning’s Amtrak.

#trainselfie #latergram #victoriatravels #me

Worse ending for The Fault in Our Stars:

"I do, Augustus. I—"



idk I knew this would be a hard week for the boy and I thought this would make him laugh

Anonymous Asked:
Be careful with increasing your dose on Lexapro. I was on 10mg for 6 months, but my doctor increased it to 20mg about 2 months ago and now I have horrible insomnia and cannot get to sleep until about 5am if i even sleep at all. I also have a severe lack of motivation and have intense side effects from any sort of alcohol. This is just my experience though, and it may work out well for you. Hope this helped in some way.

Huh. That’s strange. For me, with 10mg, most of the benefits stopped happening within about six weeks, so this is a pretty different case. I’ve had a really great experience thus far. My psych is amazing and I trust him a ton. Also, I don’t drink so obviously no issues there. :P

But yeah, that’s something I would most definitely talk to my doctor(s) about. And if they don’t think it’s worth exploring other options, you should maybe try to find a new psychiatrist. You deserve to have a doctor that isn’t gonna settle until you are at your best.