So here are the senior pictures I don’t totally hate. :]

  1. hisshychild said: You’re awesome and really beautiful
  2. thespiralboundmastermind said: Oh man, I like them all! But the one with you and your guitar tops the charts for me :)
  3. dimplegirl said: These are so amazing, you look beautiful! My senior pics were so boring, I love these! My faves are the first, third, and the last one, but they all are so great there isn’t a bad choice :)
  4. blackstripeswhitekeys said: DANG GURL~~~ but seriously, knock out. I really like the second one.
  5. thephotographictwin said: Beautiful!
  6. nooneeverknows said: omg you are so cute STOP IT
  7. tjyoshi said: I like the third to last one a lot;; you look like you’re having fun in it and you look like a doll yo
  8. jiritlustys said: omf you’re so pretty!! i think the bottom left would be great as an icon
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